Red Line 20-27oz Venti / Large Tea / 28oz Blender / 20oz Tumbler Handlers™

SKU: LIT00002495S


These neoprene Handlers fit perfectly over 20oz YETI® Tumblers and RTIC® Tumblers, Venti Starbucks® Cups and Tumblers, and 24-27oz Blender Bottles®. They also fit L cups from Dunkin® and L/XL Loaded Teas

They have a handle sewn onto them to help you carry your tumblers around in style and comfort. No more buying different pattern tumblers that take up a ton of space in your cabinet! With these Lit Handlers®, you can change your tumbler to match your outfit! Because they are made out of neoprene, They are also water resistant and machine washable!


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